2. My baby <3 

  3. Colby Reese arrived today :D I love her so much. she’s gorgeous

  4. lifewithyou-sim:

    Sorry but I am too excited to keep this to myself. I don’t know how many of you know about Reborns but I make them and also collect them.

    They are babies that look and feel real. Look on youtube or just google them. They are amazing. BUT I’m getting this cute little girl for my birthday, she should be here Friday or Saturday. Hopefully Friday.

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  5. Jax got to go out for the first time last night to Wally world. I was super surprised hubby let me take him.

  6. abnormally-beautiful:

    my wedding Trailor <3


    1. Ugh I want to find someone I can just talk to about my reborns, another reborn mommy.
  7. sosuperawesome:

    Terrarium rings by HoKiou in Paris, France.

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  9. Meet Kinsley Nicole


    Facts about Kinsley

    • Sculpt-Kelzie by Cheryl Webber
    • Artist-Me
    • Hair- Painted Brown
    • eyes-closed
    • limbs-3/4 arms and full legs
    • magnets-pacifer.
    • Size- 19 inches (Big preemie/small newborn)
    • Weight- aprox. 6 lbs